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Effectively Handle Your Backlogged Collections

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

Backlogged collections can be a real hassle. This is a situation that could be greatly affecting the solvency of your practice.


There are various reasons one might find himself with claims piling up to the point collections are backlogged: staff turnover, not following up on denied claims, incorrect codes, not understanding the billing process, to name a few.

Over time this increases costs:

  • Loss of remuneration

  • Paying an employee to work on past claims

  • Time lost on backlogs that could have gone towards generating future income

  • The day to day operations often suffers to the time and effort needed to track, process and follow up backlogged collections

  • Unseen cost of hiring and training

Hiring, replacing or transferring another hourly employee to handle a backlog in collections is not cost effective, yet someone must do it in order to recover this income.

How can you get around all this?

With a competent billing service you can effectively handle your backlogged collections and get your A/R into a viable range rapidly.


Exceptional Billing takes care of backlogs on a regular basis. There are distinct and definite benefits in using our services as a solution.

  • You don’t have to pay an hourly wage, we only charge a small percentage on work billed out by us and paid by the insurance companies

  • Remove the extra time and cost of having to retrain another employee or hire a brand new one

  • You receive weekly and monthly Accounts Receivable reports, keeping you aware, up to date and informed.

  • Problematic denials are taken care of and followed up on rigorously. We specialize in this.

  • We only have a few select clients enabling us to focus on keeping your income flowing consistently.

With greater backlog, there is more potential for an increase of denials. Because we specialize in billing we know how to handle denials and get them resolved quickly and efficiently.

Using Exceptional Billing will allow your practice to freely deliver your services without worry on your income flowing in, nor confusions about denials and the insurance company’s often vague reasons, while lowering your practice overhead.

We can have experience in a wide range of billing software and can use yours, or our own preferred system to which you would have full access. With our weekly and monthly Accounts Receivable reports you are kept well informed. We are easily reachable whenever and respond quickly to any communication. We’re here to be of service to you.

Give us a call now for a free consultation! Call us at (727) 275-0301.

Yours in health,

Zeb Sims

Zeb is a billing specialist with over 20 years of expertise and success in office management: consulting in quality control, customer service, employee training and development, and project management. He brings his experience to the Exceptional Billing team, helping to ensure our clients get the fastest and highest quality of service possible.

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